Mighty Oaks Retail Solutions

Run on the Mighty Oaks Cloud, Solutions tailored to the retail sector. 


Our customers are increasing adopting an omni-channel model that blends in-store and online experiences.  Providing consistent product pricing, availability and product information.   The in-store experience is enhanced through online information.


Our solutions can be used in tandem with existing bricks and mortar store front operations or supporting a delivery only model. We have successfully integrated with a variety of backend systems, from proprietary systems to SAP or POS solutions found in smaller chains.   The core engine can be supplied with limited customization and branding or can be fully customized to meet the customer’s functionality and branding requirements.

E-Commerce and Delivery Management

Using our solution we can integrate sophisticated delivery models built on your existing brick-and-mortor infastrcture.  We support management of an in-house delivery servier or integration with third-party delivery companies.   Through our sister company OMNION we provide last-mile delivery lockers.

Secure Network

As a Sophos authorised distributor we provide firewall, endpoint and encryption technology second-to-none and tailored to the needs of multi-branch store networks.  The fire-wall technology we deploy is based by an industry leading security technology provider and we configure it to the needs of the retail sector.

In-Store Technology


We can provide real-time generation of data for digital signage by integration with back-end ERP or POS system to provide relevant local pricing information.


Our instore signage supply software address the needs of head-office marketing to control the instore signage look, feel and consistency while at the same time providing the store with access to re-order signage on an as needed basis.  We partner with local print companies to handle fulfillment. 



We are able to offer standard Office 365 and associated collaboration tools to round off the software offering provided to a small or medium grocery.  


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