Our Vancouver Island Data Centre is our primarily data centre in Canada.  This data cetre in one of the most secure facilities in the Country. 

The Mighty Oaks Cloud runs on Tier-1 grade hardware.  Name-brand ThinkServer and System X server hardware with Brocade Data-Center grade networking hardware.

The Details

Sophisticated communications

  • Multi-faceted network designed to maintain continuous communication whatever the situation
  • Critical, constant communications support for the data centre and disaster recovery operations ensuring network uptimes of minimum 99.9%
  • Multiple-carrier network connections provide redundant paths needed to virtually eliminate the risk of interruptions
  • Communication links to the building via fibre optic, wireless and twisted pair
  • VHF, UHF, HAM radio, and satellite communications-ready

Advanced security

  • 24hr offsite monitoring
  • Advanced camera surveillance system constantly observing the building inside and out
  • All surveillance footage archived for later scrutiny
  • Vibration, motion, and glass break sensors continually verifying the security of the facility
  • Access via secure proximity cards and biometric readers
  • Class 2 vault complex
  • Obligatory, full police background checks performed for all staff
  • Onsite visitors escorted at all times

Impenetrable structure

  • Designated as a complete post-disaster recovery facility
  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Designed to withstand a 9.5 magnitude earthquake
  • Elevation – 35 metres above sea level – is beyond the reach of any tsunami
  • Foundation built on solid igneous rock, 22km deep
  • Solid concrete and steel (I-Beam) construction
  • Roof immune to strong winds, intense rain, and heavy snow loads
  • No natural gas lines present within 150 metres of the building

Continuous power

  • Infrastructure in place, with comprehensive redundant failovers, to ensure uninterruptable service
  • Multiple UPS units providing clean, continuous power to sensitive data centre equipment
  • Multiple onsite diesel back-up generators
  • Sufficient fuel reserves for continuous power generation
  • Onsite inventory of replacement parts

Fire detection / supression

  • Sophisticated fire detection system monitored 24 hrs to enable immediate intervention
  • Zoned system delivers fire suppression to affected areas only
  • Pre-actioned, vacuum charged sprinkler system, means no chance of accidental damage caused from pipes leaking or rupturing
  • Waterless clean agent fire suppression – CO2 and Novec 1230 – in data centre and vault complex
  • Strict preventative policies and procedures virtually eliminate the chance of fire

Emergency preparedness

  • Facility designed and provisioned to be entirely self-sufficient for extended periods of time
  • Onsite reserves of fuel, rations, cots, and chemical toilets
  • Transport Canada certified rooftop heliport
  • Helicopter access to the facility for staff, clients and supplies in the event that roads are impassable
  • Allocated boat access to and from Vancouver Island for staff, clients, and supplies in the event that Victoria International Airport and BC Ferries services are interrupted.