Today with on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud, making the correct choice is more complex. We focus on creating the end-user experience you're looking for.  We analyze your needs, navigate the options and help you make the best choices. The adoption of cloud technology by small and medium size business is driven by the need to control costs, better support a mobile workforce, outsource non-core back-office functions while increasing reliability and resiliency.  We help that happen.

The transition from on premise solutions to the cloud is driven by several factors.  Typically server based applications are becoming more complex needing specialised skills to setup and maintain.  Increasing cloud providers are able to offer these application at a lower cost of ownership by centralising the application in a cloud facility.  These facilities can be configured using redundant, high availability hardware at a much lower cost.  For most small business cloud solutions reduces upfront capital costs by shifting to a subscription based service.