Sophos SG Firewalls

We are able to offer firewall technology from several vendors including Sonicwall, Cisco, and Sophos. We normally work with our customers to select the optimal solution.  For small and medium size business, increasing we deploy Sophos SG Series firewalls.  That is the reason we have invested in having Sophos Certfied Professionals on staff at Mighty Oaks.

We find the Sophos SG line provides the right balance between performance and protection and the scalability and product mix we need to meet the needs of our larger customers, while still being able to scale down into something suitable for a small business. 

Some of the Sophos SG solutions we have created:

Housing Society -  Multiple locations across the province, requiring us to build a wide area network (WAN) as well as our data centre where we house and maintain the society's servers.  Based on the Sophos SG technology we created a WAN that interconnects the society's 80 employees into a seamless data network allowing them to comunicate, collaborate and innovate.

Printing Company - A printing company wanting to supply government with a service based on the highest level of security to be able to handle sensative documents.  We created a solution that combined the Sophos SG firewalls, with encrpyion, end-point protection to provide a unified threat management solution. 

Retail Pharmacy -  A single franchised pharmacy requiring a suitable firewall to protect credit card transaction data as well as personal medical data.  Being a small business, both cost and security need to be balanced.

ERP Management Consulting and Solutions Company  - Based in Montreal, our customer has a staff of 100 running in a mixed environment.