We create and manage local and wide area network that allow our customers to stay connected and collaborate effectively. We have worked extensively with housing authorities, retailors and engineering firms with distributed branch offices to create inter-connected centrally managed data networks.   We have been serving customers in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland and Northern BC since 2002.

Creating the Network

For small business we generally begin with business grade yet cost effective firewall equipment that balances ease of use with reliability and security.   We help our small business customers pick the optimal commercial service from the relevant local provides such as Shaw, Telus, Bell or CityWest.  We take each business location and create what is called a virtual network (VLAN) or Wide Area Network (WLAN) that interconnects all the locations into what functions as a single network.

In the case of medium size business and those have more specialised needs we are able to offer fibre optic, wired, wireless, microwave or satellite connections to address specific needs for additional bandwidth or access from remote locations.

As an Authorised Shaw Business Partner and an authorised Frontier Networking partners we are able to arrange and offer contracted data networking services at preferred rates across multiple suppliers. 

Linking the Home Office

Today with staff working from home, it is even more important to support home offices and staff on the go. Many times this becomes intrusive, error-prone and complex. We use plug-and-play technology that makes integrating remote offices seamless.

Switching Equipment

We regularly work with Cisco, HP, Amer, Dell/Sonicwall and Sophos equipment to design and build data networks. We regularly work with Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking equipment supporting both data and Voice Over IP technology.  


When we deploy a wireless solution into a business we create solutions that bridge multiple sites into a seamless network. We also believe it is important to create two networks, one that is private and protected supporting the secure needs of the organisations and a second visitor network that support the visitors.