Secure web-based applications for promoting collaboration and managing consultation, heritage, fieldwork, GIS and council data to support Nation’s governance and economic development.

Development Module

Track and analyse project and permit applications, including Crown referrals


  • Contacts Relationship Manager
  • Rich per-Project information
  • Geographic Information
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Upload planning layer Shapefiles
  • Email Harvesting (with Files)
  • Team Discussion
  • Field Visit Reports
  • Desktop GIS LiveLink

Heritage Module

Gather and manage traditional knowledge


  • Upload TUS/TEK Shapefiles
  • Documents cataloging
  • Powerful search, including in-PDF search
  • Geographic Information System tools
  • Place-name & toponym database
  • Archaeology reports
  • Field visit reports
  • Interview management

Ecosystems Module

Manage Mobile Field Forms data


  • Manage your Ecosystems GIS database (cataloging)
  • Upload key Ecosystem spatial layers
  • Mobile field forms management tool
  • Exploration and reporting interface
  • Ecosystem integration into DevelopmentApp and HeritageAp

Product Overview:  https://mightyoaks.com/media/uploads/cedarbox_ebrochure.pdf