SoftExpert Excellence Suite

SE Suite is the most comprehensive integrated enterprise software for Compliance and Performance Excellence on the market today.  At Mighty Oaks we are able to combine different SoftExpert modules to provide environments where organizations can manage and improve quality programs.

SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) offers a set of multilingual modules that are natively integrated and fully Web-based. This automates the processes required to improve and optimize the different business areas within organizations, boosting quality of management, cutting operating costs and facilitating compliance with the main market standards and regulations.

SE Suite also complements and optimizes Enterprise Resource Planning systems. The suite is integrated with the main ERP systems on the market through already available connectors, or through customized connectors developed based on the client's specific needs.

 SE Suite Platform Elements

SoftExpert software for Business Process Management (BPM) improves the visibility and control of business processes with its human-centric and user-friendly solution, empowering people to drive process automation and continuous improvement. It helps manage the whole process lifecycle, from modeling and optimization to automation, execution, and monitoring across the entire organization.

SoftExpert BPM delivers improved business understanding, higher process speed, and greater business impact over strategic planning, automation, and optimization of business processes. The SoftExpert process management solution empowers people to work more efficiently, improves the orchestration of complex processes, and supports business goals with real-time business information.