Mighty Oaks start from small beginnings.  This is true in nature as it is business.  Do you have a seed of an idea for your business, but are not certain how to plant it? Are you in an industry undergoing disruption and are struggling to find the technology to weather the storm.   Have you planted the seed of change, but don’t have the technology you need in place to grow it?  That is where we help, we start with small acorns, and help you grow them into Mighty Oaks. 

We are Mighty Oaks and we empower business through engaging technology.

The metaphor of acorns and oak trees is so popular in business. It allows us to imagine the possibility of an idea or concept transforming into a fully thriving endeavor. That is exactly what we help our customers achieve day in and day out.  The Mighty Oaks symbolizes growth and the strength to weather storms of disruptive technology.  

Mighty Oaks by the Numbers


 Mighty Oaks Info Graph


How We Create High Impact Outcomes: 


Empower business through Engaging Technology.



Innovation, Collaboration, Social and Environmental Responsibility


We start with a diverse team.  Our people come from different industries and bring different skills and expertise.


We work with industry leading suppliers to create custom solutions.  We embrace the eco-system.


Working together we leverage best practice and emerging technology.