Mighty Oaks was established in 2002 with a focus on empowering collaboration by connecting data that is traditionally locked away in large corporate databases with those that need it by creating applications on mobile devices and the web.   In 2013, Mighty Oaks became a division of Meewasin Analytics Inc. a privately held technology company that through insight drives innovation.  Within Meewasin, Mighty Oaks continues to focus on delivering web and mobile enabled applications from the Mighty Oaks Cloud. 

We have a simple mission, we believe technology can create enormous value for you, our customers, by empowering people to collaborate and drive sustainable innovation.   In an experience driven economy collaboration within an organisation and across supply chains is needed to create that engaging experience.


 Mighty Oaks Info Graph


How We Create High Impact Outcomes: 


Empower our customers to drive sustainable innovation that is engaging and collaborative.



Innovation, Collaboration, Social and Environmental Responsibility


We start with a diverse team.  Our people come from different industries and bring different skills and expertise.


We work with industry leading suppliers to create custom solutions.


Working together we leverage best practice and emerging technology to custom tailor solutions for our customers.