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MightyCart for the Online Grocer

Online grocery stores pose unique challenges that are not addressed in conventional online platforms. We offer solutions customised for the grocery store industry. Our platform handles fresh products, home delivery, recipes and loyalty programs. We offer custom integration with your backend systems.

Our background

We created our first online grocery store in 2002 for a chain of over 20 grocery stores in Costal BC. Based on over 12 years of experience in designing, hosting and maintaining online grocery ordering systems we have integrated with a variety of ERP solutions (including SAP) and POS solutions over the years.  Used by several grocery stores, our solutions start with our Mighy+ platform and is highly customised to the needs of each grocer providing a unique customer experience.

Optimised for Traditional Grocery Stores

Our solutions can be used in tandem with existing bricks and mortar store front operations or supporting a delivery only model. We have successfully integrated with a variety of backend systems, from proprietary systems to SAP or POS solutions found in smaller chains.   The Mighty+ package includes a Shopping Cart Module, Store Module and Delivery Module, providing the core features needed for an online grocery store solution.    The core engine can be supplied with limited customization and branding or can be fully customized to meet the customers functionality and branding requirements. 

Starting with our proven platform we are able to create fully customised solutions that provide each grocer with a unique user experience.  Our cart module (MightyCart) is the cornerstone of all of our E-commerce applications used in both grocery and non-grocery solutions. Unlike other cart applications ours is custom written and tailored to the grocery store environment.  We offer support for multiple-price zones, weighted products, ingredient information, bulk food, and special pricing.

Omni-channel Enabler

Omnichannel is about having a defined roadmap and strategy. Its’ larger definition is fundamental for global commerce, the production of goods and services, logistics, and customer centricity. Digital transformation works, including driving bigger shopping baskets, increased loyalty, raising the in-store foot traffic and engagement capabilities. At every step creating a new, richer and better customer experience – clearly improving people’s lives in the process. The new exponential growth opportunity of e-commerce, including grocery, is the focus to redefine and extend the parameters of the traditional retail model with a new strategy. Many challenges of the food retailer are also applicable to other retailers.

Click-And-Collect or Delivery

Delivery is also unique in the grocery store space. We recognise and offer the ability to provide consumers with the ability to choose their delivery times from 1 or 2 hour blocks and manage the availability of trucks and drivers to deliver within those windows. Our solution can be integrated with grocery pickup locker solutions.  

Full custom branding and social media integration is also available.

To Learn More

To learn more contact John Peirce, VP Business Development at 866-386-9398 Ex 208.

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