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ABM Unsensored
Mighty Raven/Mighty Oaks is thrilled to once again be joining the Advanced Business Match Conference in-person in Langley, BC.

ABM’s vision is to create equitable prosperity for all by being the most culturally competent business development network in the world, connecting decision-makers who share a commitment to truth, cultural competence, and moving the dial towards economic equality.

Join us at the Vancouver Convention Center November 8-9 for the BC Marine Industry Innovation forum to learn how our software is being used to streamline maintenance in Canadian shipyards.
ONDO Locker
During fall 2023, the existing ONDO and Panasonic food service lockers in North American will transition from a legacy software platform to Mighty Oaks Locker Management Software.  Based on a proven design in use for over six year Mighty Oaks software has been updated to meet the industry specific needs of the food services and fast food market.   Offering a fully open restAPI and a number of POS/ERP integrations.  

Mighty Oaks is pleased to partner with ONDO on future locker deployments with major food service retailers, higher education and hospitals.

Learn more about ONDO Lockers at

Updated Release of Mighty Cart for Food Wholesale Operators

The latest release of MightyCart for Food Wholesale provides the ability of refrigerated and shelf stable food wholesalers to off their grocery store customers an improved online ordering experience for using either web-interface or ordering guns on the store floor.  We include improved warehouse management, pick and inventory control.   
Mighty Oaks at Collision 2023 - Toronto

Mighty Oaks team is attendng Collision 2023 and the Corporate Innovation Summit.  With a strong focus on socially responsible use of technology such as AI, cyber security and automation.   Great event that bring together leading tech companies in Canada with enterprise customers. 
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