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Options for Access Trusted Product Data

The Mighty Oaks platform offers two options for access trusted BDSN data. Both provide access to the trusted BDSN data pools across over 40 countries.

Trusted Data Through the UPCPort Channel 

UPCPort is the Mighty Oaks component that provides a common data set updated through the BDSN trusted network of data pool operates across E-commerce experiences running on the Mighty Oaks platform.  Trusted, up-to-date and rich in information this provides the best option for independent retailers that may not have an existing GS1 data feed. Product information is pulled from those data owners who have initiated data exchange with Mighty Oaks or Meewasin.    

GS1 Canada Integration

Mighty Oaks also offers a GS1 Canada Integration option where the retailer would access the BDSN network through the facilities provided by GS1 Canada.  This would be limited to data from those trading partners that have individually established data sharing relationships with the retailer.  This option is more appropriate for larger retailers that have more established data sharing arrangements in the industry.

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