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Mighty Oaks Cloud for Food Processing and Pharma

Run on the Mighty Oaks Cloud, our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of Health Canada and FDA regulated industries. We help you meet the challenges of food safety and pharma. We also support online sales and logistics.


Our customers are increasing adopting an omni-channel model that blends in-store and online experiences for end consumers.  As a manufacture you play a key role in helping to inform consumers and support the supply chain.  This is especially true as vendors move to drop-ship models where it is the responsibility of the producer to supply goods ot the end customer.  Our platform helps you address these challanges..

E-Commerce and Delivery Management

Using our solution we can integrate sophisticated delivery models built on your existing brick-and-mortor infastrcture.  We support management of an in-house delivery servier or integration with third-party delivery companies.   Through our sister company OMNION we provide last-mile delivery lockers.

Regulatry Requirements

Using our SoftEpxert software we are able to support regulatory compliance that is required in the food sector.  From non-conformance tracking, risk analytes, lot tracking, non-conformances, root-cause analytics and audit.  

Secure Network

As a Sophos authorised distributor we provide firewall, endpoint and encryption technology second-to-none and tailored to the needs of multi-branch store networks.  The fire-wall technology we deploy is based by an industry leading security technology provider and we configure it to the needs of the retail sector.


We are able to offer standard Office 365 and associated collaboration tools to round off the software offering provided to a small or medium grocery.  

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