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Delivery Logistics

Our solutions are used in:

  • Last-mile home delivery
  • delivery to lockers and
  • air express cargo.

Precisely timed Delivery

On our platform retailers can give customer the choice of when their product will be delivered down to the hour.   To achieve this, we have created a heuristics-based booking engine that provides retailers and delivery companies to ability to co-ordinate home delivery based on a series of business constraints.  This provides removes surprises and results in an enhanced customer experience.

Last Mile Route Planning

We integrate one of the industries leading last mile route planning engines into our platform based on an advanced machine learning algorithm and the ability to re-calculate and readjust delivery planning through the day as orders are added to the delivery plan. 

Our real-time tracking capability allows an operator to determine where a driver is and adjust in real-time.  Review past delivery to determine where constraints need to be adjusted to stay on track.

Locker Management

We are able to manage large fleets of geographically distributed lockers through our platform. 

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