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The Legrand SWM Series wall mount cabinets provide a convenient and easy to use solution, perfect for secure networks, small data closets, retail, educational, edge computing, and all areas where floor space is limited. The SWM Series wall mount cabinets ship completely assembled which speeds installation time. The hinged, swing out middle section provides easy accessibility to the front and the rear of the equipment while mounted to the wall. The SWM cabinets are made of rugged welded steel and have a UL 2416 certified load rating of 200 lbs. The small form factor cabinets are PCI compliant, have a 23.5" equipment mounting depth and feature a solid locking door that provides security for the installed equipment. -Certified load rating of 200 lbs per UL2416 -Full swing handle -Reversible hinged plexiglass front locking door -Vented sides with mounting locations for optional cooling fans -12-24 threaded mounting holes -Universal mounting pattern for industry standard PDUs -Cable knockouts at top and bottom of fixed rear pan -Large cutout in rear pan for access to wall

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Posted on 2024-05-18

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