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Royal Sovereign 13" Professional Laminator - Auto Reverse - 0.15" (3.90 mm) x 0.80" (20.28 mm) x 0.27" (6.94 mm)

High-quality laminator with 13" wide entry features a fast warm-up time and four-roller system for higher speed and consistent lamination results free of bubbling, wrinkling and curling. It is ideal for moderate usage in small to medium-size workplaces. Audible beep lets you know when the laminator is ready to start or when film thickness setting changed. Four-roller system ensures a smooth, professional bubble-free finish and fast, 24" per minute, lamination speed. Laminate 3 mil, 5 mil and 7 mil pouch films with hot or cold lamination. Patented Auto Reverse retrieves jammed or incorrectly inserted documents. The laminator also includes a manual reverse. Built-in Cooling Fan and Plate keep laminator from getting hot, prolong roller life and keep laminated documents smooth and cool to touch upon exit. Laminator also features convenient detachable output tray, touch-screen controls and auto shutoff after 30 minutes of nonuse.

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Posted on 2024-05-18

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