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Add a parallel port to your desktop computer through a PCI Express slot, features both standard and half-height mounting brackets - pcie parallel card - ieee 1284 card - parallel adapter - pci express parallel card - pci express db25 card

The PEX1P PCIe Parallel Adapter card can be installed in a PCI Express (PCIe) slot, allowing you to connect EPP/ECP parallel peripherals to any computer system. Relying on a native single-chip design(Oxford OXPCIe952), this adapter harnesses the true capability of PCI Express - ensuring maximum performance and reliability. This high performance SPP/EPP/ECP parallel card adds one DB25 parallel port, perfect for connecting printers, scanners, CD-R/RW drives, memory card readers, bar code scanners and more. With the added convenience of plug and play capability, installing the parallel adapter card is hassle-free! The PCIe Parallel Adapter card includes both standard and half-height/low profile mounting brackets and is backed by a two year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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