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Royal Sovereign Side loading bill counter with counterfeit detection, 600 bills/min, add function, and LCD display - 150 Bill Capacity - Counts 600 bills/min

Royal Sovereign's RBC-Quickcount is the 2-in-1 electronic bill counter and counterfeit detector that is ideal for small to medium sized businesses! The side loading hopper loads up to 150 bills conveniently from the side, which ensures fast counting and an organized money stack for easy handling. The unit's compact size can count up to 600 bills a minute saving you time in counting your currency. The units Ultraviolet (UV), Watermark (WM) and Magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection systems will help catch phony cash, ID's and documents.

Height 4.2", Width 7.10" and Depth 7.9" 120 V AC, 60Hz 4W.

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