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Grocery sales in the United States and Canada is shifting into a new model, the Omnichannel model that integrates online and in-store experiences with integrated multi-channel tools and strategy.  Addressing last-mile delivery in a way that maintains quality, convenience and brand awareness are critical. Key economic drivers include process efficiency and cost reduction, both equally important to our customers. MightyExpress addresses these business challenges. 

A Proven Model with flexible business rules improves eGrocery operational efficiency. 

Solution Benefits include:

  1. Leveraging software and technology with end-to-end processes for both in-store and micro-fulfillment to optimize pick & pack, delivery routes, batching multiple orders to third-party providers, transportation sharing, traceability, and adding software that allows customers to track deliveries in real time.  
  2. Offering delivery options that fit what a customer wants: quick, on-demand turnaround (delivery with 1 to 2 hours), next-day delivery within selected tight 15-minute time windows, and standing weekly deliveries. We simply aim to give customers more ways to shop and receive while enabling grocers to shift some volume/demand to more efficient delivery methods. 
  3. Curating a short-tail assortment strategy for delivery based on the products that matter most to your customers. Real-time business intelligence adds to the flexibility to react quickly to changing market conditions on the fly.   

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