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 Mighty Oaks 

(a Meewasin Company)

27 Burnside Road W ; Victoria BC V9A 6Z7 Canada 
258 - 5489 Byrne Road Buranby BC V5J 3J1

Dear Trading Partner, 

Mighty Oaks is a leading provider of e-commerce, wholesale and logistics software.  Used by our related companies and other trusted retailers we run on our platform. 

Retail partners on our platform currently operate in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Caribbean and we are rapidly expanding into Latin America.   We want to ensure consumers who shop from member merchants on our platform have the latest information about your product and are providing consumers with the most up to date data.   

To provide these benefits to you, we request that you add us as a recipient and publish your item data to our GLN: Meewasin/Mighty Oaks GLN 0860004402909 / GS1 Company Prefix: 08600044029 in Production by contacting your data pool provider or enabling data sharing with us in your data pool.  

We ask that you also contact us to advise us at 250-385-9298 ex 1 or 


Your truely,


Elder Matias

CEO Meewain/Mighty Oaks.

Learn more by reading the implementaiton plan Implementation Plan (pdf).

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