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The Custom Cloud by Mighty Oaks

You may have heard about private and public clouds.  Cloud computing is clearly here to stay, and forms the basis of how business computing will be delivered well into the future.  You don't need to worry about where your solutions are hosted, that is abstracted away.  

The reality is, you should be concerned about your data and where it lives.  We have a different approach, it is called Mighty Cloud by Mighty Oaks.  We focus on understanding your needs, then finding the best combination of cloud or on-premise resources to solve your business problems and deliver a fully integrated solution.  We will tell you exactly which data centre your solution is running in, and the backup locations that are being used. Our solution is highly customised for each customer.

Common features of the Mighty Cloud:

  • Enterprise Grade ThinkServerTM or System XTM server hardware.  Conventional applications use Intel processors and some analytics applications run on GPU clusters. 
  • All production machines are mirrored onto idential backup hardware, for fast failover and maximum uptime. 
  • All storage solutions are based on Hardware RAID drive technology.
  • Server instances are being monitored by our network operations centre (NOC) systems 24/7/365.
  • Linux, cPanel/WMS, MS-Windows Server and SQL Server, licenses available month to month.

We can position hardware in data centres across North America through our partnership with Peer-1, Frontier Networks or Cube.  For equipment located in Victoria we use the most secure data centre on Vancouver Island.

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