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Custom Solution

Software Development, Security and Distributed Systems

Custom Solutions 

We focus on creating long-lasting solutions for our customers, providing long term value and solid return on investment.  Our approach is outcome focused.  What does that mean?  We start by gaining a deep understanding of the challenges your organization faces.  We then take those requirements and find the right mix of off-the-shelf or custom solutions to meet your needs.  We will help you build a business case to ensure there is a clear understanding of the costs and benifits and expected outcome.  We take special care to look at the end used experience as it has a major impact on outcome. We deploy, support and maintain those solutions for the long-term. 

What makes up a great technology solution?  We believe successful technology deployment is about addressing the needs of teams to communicate, collaborate and innovate.  From an ERP system to CMS system to a medical equipment database to an e-commerce solution it is about using technology to create the experience where teams can share the information they need to deliver on their goals.  For technology to be truly successful, it must go beyond just the organization to also include suppliers, partners and customers. 

We pay special attention to how information is handled.  We regularly find that organisations are often file driven in how they manage critical business data, this creates islands and silos within the organisation.  By adopting database technology we are able to transition the organisation to being data driven eliminating silos and fostering collaboration.

For many of our engagments we are able to start with pre-exisitng software.

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