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2GoLockers by Mighty Oaks

- May 23, 2021

Mighty Oaks partners to create 2GoLockers. Mighty Oaks partners to create 2GoLockers. Together with Brightside Markets and LaserCAM we helped found 2GoLockers.  Using Mighty Oaks software we are able to offer an innovate smart retail experience.

We’re a Canadian manufacturer of e-commerce integrated locker systems designed to help retailers promote safe & convenient customer interaction. Contactless lockers provide an opportunity for retailers to go above their competitors by giving customers more options in the way they receive their products. While contactless lockers may be a new concept, they will soon be as ubiquitous as shipping is today. Only, 2GoLockers allow for product pickup on the spot or at the customer’s convenience, and in temperature-controlled environments. Think dry goods, flowers, groceries, and more behind glass door lockers for ordered purchase pickup or simply impulse buys.
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