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New Partnership with LockTec

- Aug. 15, 2016

Lockers Are The Next Innovation in Delivery

For too long when consumers order groceries or other products online they need to be at home to wait for the delivery driver or risk the product being left unattended.  Online food suppliers need to utilise excessive packaging to deal with food being left in unrefrigerated locations.   This technology changes that.  Elder Matias, Mighty Oaks CEO said: “With major international retailers such as Amazon and Walmart getting into the online groceries market in Canada, traditional regional grocers need to adapt, and we are helping them, Smart Lockers are going to be a critical success factor going forward.” The multi-carriage approach even allows to create a local locker-infrastructure as backbone for any kind of unattended delieveries in order to support e.g. local farmers and any local services, not just limited to grocery-deliveries.

In Europe lockers off all types are appearing in convenience stores, the metro, gas stations and retail outlets.  In the UK one major online retailer has rolled out several hundred lockers.  This trend is just starting in Canada and the United States.  

LockTec and Mighty Oaks reach an agreement to advance lockers In Canada under the OMNION brand.  Details to be announced in the fall.

Pictured (left to right): Olaf Clausen, Managing Director LOCKTEC; Elder Matias,; Frank Sieg, Director of Business Development LOCKTEC; Chris Westra.

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