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Mighty Oaks Moves into Vancouver Data Centre

Elder Matias - Jan. 5, 2021

In 2002 Mighty Oaks co-located its servers in one of Bell Canada facilities in Victoria to provide our cloud solutions with the best connectivity.  A few years later moving to another facility.  Today we transitions to being Vancouver Harbour Center providing unmatched connectivity on the Cogeco, Telus, Bell, Shaw and AT&T network as well as with direct onramps onto major cloud providers.  

To ensure the best performance customers on our e-commerce, logistics, locker, and GIS solutions we have consistently looked to locate our servers in the most well connected locations.   For Canadian customers that means this facility in Vancouver and for our US and Asia customers that means Portland Oregon.   We also maintain backup systems in Kelowna and Las Vegas.

Mighty Oaks Data Center View Mighty Oaks Harbour Center Servers

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