Paper: CLS A Fully Open Source Control System

Elder Matias - May 30, 2006


Abstract The Canadian Light Source (CLS) is one of the first major accelerator facilities to adopt a fully open source control system. The control system is based on Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) in use at may other facilities. From the outset CLS utilised Real Time Embedded Multiprocessor System (RTEMS) and Linux as the underlying operating systems for real-time control computers, operator interface computers and servers. When communicating with PLC and other intelligent devices CLS has also adopted a policy of using open communications protocols where possible. Combined, these strategies have lead to a system that can easily evolve over the life of the facility without being tied to specific hardware or software suppliers. The operational experience over the past few years has indicated the selected architecture is sufficiently robust and reliable

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Upon signing a technology transfer agreement with Cornell University, ACCEL began producing turn-key 500 MHz superconducting cavity systems. Five such cryomodules have been delivered and commissioned to date. Four of them are installed in accelerators for operation (two in CESR and one each in Canadian Light Source and Taiwan Light Source) and one serves as an off-line spare at CLS. One more cryomodule is scheduled for testing in early 2005. It will be a spare unit for TLS. Three cryomodules for DIAMOND Light Source are being fabricated at ACCEL. The commissioning results and operational experience with the cryomodules in CESR, CLS and TLS are presented.

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