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Grocery Innovation Canada 2016

- Dec. 19, 2016

Learn about how we are helping the industry innovate using our solutions.   Join us in Toronto to learn how we are helping deliver innovation to the industry.

We are highlighting three of our solutions at the event:

  • Mighty+ - Mighty Oaks cloud based e-commerce and delivery management software platform.  Designed for the independent, it is the idea platform to embrace Omni-channel.
  • SoftExpert – running on the Mighty Oaks cloud, SoftExpert is used to drive sustainable innovation, learn how it is being used by food and pharma manufacturing and distribution to ensure HACCP and GMP compliance.
  • OMNION Cool lockers.   Learn how our sister company OMNION is helping to drive sustainable delivery solutions with advanced locker technology.


Drop by the Mighty Oaks booth at the Grocery Innovations Canada 2016 - October 17 and 18 to learn more about Mighty+. 

See you at:

Grocery Innovations Canada
Toronto Congress Centre

North Building - Mighty Oaks Booth


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