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LIVE-LINK: Connecting Project Tracking to GIS

- Nov. 30, 2015

By Charles Burnett 

In a novel example of having your herring roe and eating it too, the CedarBox Team is pleased to announce that DevelopmentApp Projects can now be “live-linked” to your deskto GIS.

What does this linking between my Cedar App and my desktop GIS mean?

Let’s say you are tracking 500 project applications, and that you have uploaded location files (Shapefile, KML, Geomark, draw-on-map) for all of these. Great! You can already do basic overlap analysis in Cedar. But, to make beautiful wall maps, or to do complex analysis, you need to work in your desktop-GIS world.

With our new Live-Link add-on, these locations are now available as a layer that you can explore in Quantum GIS (free & open source) or ESRI ArcGIS.

What does it look like?

The Live-Link layer looks like any other polygon/line/point layer in your QGIS project layer list. And it can be styled with labels and colours.

Live-Link between Development App and QGIS

Figure: (left) Cedar App showing example project footprints, and (right) Live-Link data in Quantum GIS (click for larger image)

What Development Project attributes come along with the Live-Link?

Currently, only these fields come across:

  • Title
  • FN-ID
  • Cedar URL

Email to tell us what more to add at

How live is Live-Link?

The link is real-time. After adding a new project and location in the Cedar Development App, when you switch to your GIS and then zoom in or out or pan, the newly added Project will display.

Is the link two-way?

No, for now, we are only letting you edit Project locations in Cedar.

Is it secure?

Yes. The Live-Link is locked down to your office.

How do I get Live-Link?

Contact  to book an upgrade.

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