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Mighty+ at Demo Camp 2016

- Nov. 14, 2016

Mighty+ at Demo Camp 2016

We like showing off our new creations.  Mighty+ is our cloud hosted SaaS offering.  For years we have created highly customised e-commerce solutions used in the food supply chain.  We have taken what we have learned, rewritten it for subscription world and now offering it as a pure cloud solution.

There are lots of e-commerce solutions out there from Magento to Sopify.  Both are great systems targeting their specific areas.  We actually configure and support customers in both those environments so we know them well.  However, in some application your need more, that is where Mighty+ steps in.

We may call Mighty+ an Omni-channel e-commerce solution but it is more.  It manages the entire fulfillment process including the management and dispatch of a delivery fleet and complex settlement when the final cost of an order is not fully known for certain when placed. 

Our team had a lot of fun at Demo Camp, showing what is new in Mighty+.  We will be back. 

To learn more about the Tech industry in Victoria, take a look at the VIATEC website.  To learn more about out Mighty+ application have a look at our Mighty+ brand web-site.

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