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Public vrs Private Cloud

- Aug. 1, 2016

Cloud Public or Private?

Interesting question to ask.  Over the past two years we have seen a significant movement to the public cloud, specifically public cloud providers AWS (Amazon), Microsoft, and Google.  Now we are seeing another shift in the industry that back to private cloud.

A 451 Research study (VofE Cloud) found that there is an increasing desire to repatriate into a provide cloud configuration to drive down cost and gain better control of enterprise date. On average, those who planned to migrate workloads from public to private cloud environments within two years expected to move 40% of their public cloud workloads to private clouds.

We believe there are two drivers for this the need to get better control of where an organisations data physically lives with adequate controls and secondly to control costs.  We offer both advantages on our provide on the MightyCloud.   Creating unique and customised instances of each client system allows for the level of control one expects in a private cloud while still retaining the advantages of central management.

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